Automotive Maintenance Tips

May 08, 2016
Fuel Saving Tips

Have you ever listened to an Orchestra play? There is a large variety of instruments including woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings. The musicians begin by tuning their instruments when they take the stage to ensure that every instrument is working together to produce a great sounding song. If one instrument isn’t properly tuned, it will affect the way other instruments sound and change the overall result of the song. Now let’s look at this in the perspective of a vehicle. Your instruments are your parts and your music is your vehicle’s performance.

Each component of your vehicle needs to work in sync in order for your engine to function properly. This is called a tune-up. If an orchestra is out of tune, the result is a bad concert. When your vehicle is out of tune, the result is bad vehicle performance and bad fuel economy.

By performing regular tune-ups on your vehicle you do more than just reduce your fuel consumption. Check out these benefits:

  1. Better Performance – Reduced chance of stalls, idling and difficulty starting the engine
  2. Reduced Emissions – Cause less harm to the environment by  reducing your vehicles emissions and fumes
  3. Resale Value – A regularly maintained vehicle with documentation of proper servicing is likely to sell for a prettier penny than one that isn’t.

It is recommended that you perform a tune-up on your vehicle at approximately 50,000KM or every 2 years to ensure maximum performance from your vehicle.


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