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May 15, 2017
Dryer Sheet Uses for your Car

Dryer sheets are primarily used to keep static off your clothes and keep them fresh. However, there are many ways to re-purpose dryer sheets that don’t involve your clothes. There are several tricks that can be applied as cheap, effective ways to maintain the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Here are a few uses for your vehicle:

  1. Keeping dust off your dashboard – Dryer sheets impart a positive electrical charge which pushes dust particles away. Next time you’re giving your dashboard a wipe, finish the job by going over it once more with a dryer sheet to reduce the amount of dust that collects over time. 
  2. Making your car smell fresh – who doesn’t like the smell of fresh laundry? Keep an open box of dryer sheets under your seat for that freshly washed fabric scent every time you set foot in your car. This tip also makes dryer sheets easily accessible for when you’re looking to make use of tip #1
  3. Get dead bugs off your car – Bugs can be troublesome to get off your car’s exterior. Especially if your car’s been sitting in the sun for some time. Moisten a dryer sheet with water and wipe it over the bugs. This will emulsify the bugs in just a few seconds then you can wipe them off with a regular cloth and rinse. It’s important that you re-wax the area you just cleaned because the dryer sheet will remove some of your cars finish and leave it unprotected.

Do you have any other automobile related uses for dryer sheets? Comment below and let us know! These tips were brought to you by the good folks at Imperial Street Auto Repair & Detailing in Burnaby at 604-434-1120. We offer friendly, affordable and reliable auto repair and detailing services. Also, make sure to visit our services page and deals page to learn more about what we have to offer and our current promotions.


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