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April 08, 2017
Driving Tips for Teenagers

According to teenagers car accident statistics, teenagers account for 12% of car crashes that lead to deaths last year. More than 5,000 teenagers ages 16-20 die each year due to fatal car accidents. These numbers are alarming to say the least. Based on these numbers, we can conclude that teenagers ages 16-20 are at a significantly higher risk of being part of a car accident than more experienced drivers.

We all know how exciting it can be to get a driver’s license. It’s the first step into adulthood … Freedom from your parents to go wherever you want, whenever you want (sort of). You find yourself with a whole new set of activities on your to-do list such as showing off your car to your friends, driving them around places, ordering fast food at a drive-thru window – Safety and security are likely ranked low on your list of priorities.

There are many joys that come with driving but it is important to be precautious and focus on the road to avoid becoming part of a tragic statistic. Here are some tips to help new drivers drive safely:

  • Buckle up. Teenagers need to understand the importance of wearing a safety belt. It saves lives. Teens ages 16-20 are reported to have the lowest rate of safety belt use.
  • Don’t use your phone! It is illegal in many provinces and states for a good reason. So much can happen in a split second, that’s why it is absolutely necessary for you to focus on the road at all times! For your safety and the safety of others on the road.
  • Don’t drive with passengers. The less passengers you have, the more you can concentrate on the road. Try to limit yourself to one passenger until you’ve gotten some more experience under your belt.
  • Turn down the music. Being aware of your surroundings requires you to use more than just your sight. If you have your volume on full blast it can cause distractions and prevent you from hearing important hazard indications such as sirens and car horns. Don’t forget about how easy it can be to get carried away signing along to your favourite songs!
  • Learn from experienced drivers. Parents can be annoying to drive with, but they’ve driven a lot longer than you have and have experience handling situations you may not know how to react to. It’s highly encouraged to drive with someone who has years of driving experience and can provide you with tips and pointers to steer you in the right direction.


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