Imperial Street Auto Repair Customer Reviews

We love seeing happy customers

At Imperial Street Auto Repair, nothing makes us happier than seeing a customer leave happy. We understand that people don’t always visit an auto repair shop in the best mood. That’s why it is a priority for us to make your experience as pleasant as possible by providing quick, honest, and affordable auto repair services.

Some of Our Yelp Reviews

I was driving to Alderwood yesterday when I noticed the “Check Engine” light was on–it’s a 2005 Plymouth Sunfire, and we watch the gauges and indicators pretty closely. I took it to CDN Tire to find out what it meant, and they told me that just to tell me what the fault number was it would be $45 and to do a complete diagnostic would be $99 and take up to 4 hours.
I immediately went to Dave’s shop (Imperial Street Auto Repair) and they also said it would be $45 to get the fault checked. They checked it within half an hour and told me it was something to do with getting gas on Monday; maybe I hadn’t tightened the cap properly or something.

Anyway, they tightened the cap, reset the indicator and told me I was okay. I offered to pay and Dave said “No charge.”

They will have my business forever!

Steve F.

As a single woman, I really don’t like mechanics. Went to Dave immediately after having an argument with another local mechanic for his over-charging, telling me I needed work done that I didn’t and not doing the work he charged for, as well as paying way over the odds. Located Dave and first meeting was “interesting” as I relayed all my grievances … ! Reluctantly, gave him my car to service. He took the job, and serviced it. He checked the brakes and did all the surface checks. He came back some time later, and told me the only thing that was needed was an oil change, smiled and charged me a ridiculously cheap price.

Love, love, love this place. Only place I would bring my car.

Sylvia H.

I’ve gotten to know Elizabeth at reception and the owner Dave a little bit. They’ve treated me with a lot of respect and patience in my needs with my vehicle.

So far I made an appointment to add a new exhaust manifold to my vehicle as well as investigate why my engine light has been on recently and quickly addressed and resolve my issues with professionalism.

Jesse N.

Just went in for a walk in Oil Change on my 06 VW Touareg and im very satisfied with how fast and affordable it was. 40% cheaper then other places i called and friendly staff. Was done in less then 1.5 hours. They were happy to do a quick inspection on the rest of my car too since ill be heading on a 4000km road trip. Thanks Imperial!!

Mario K.

Was in today as I needed an oil change and was in the area. Great price for an oil change, but not only that, great service.

I was certain I needed a brake job as well, as my brakes had been squeaking. Dave had a tech look at my car and advised me there was still over 30% left on my pads. He also educated me as to why they may have been squeaking prior to needing new pads. I was prepared to pay for a brake job and he was honest with me. I thank Dave and his staff for the honest opinion and great prices. Thanks!

Lexy M.

Went there unannounced for an oil change. They took me in right away, no appointment required. Guy at the counter was super nice. It was done in about 25 min. Total cost was $30. Nothing bad to report at all. Free wifi. Can’t complain. Will be back there for an oil change for my other car.

Duran C.

I think this is a good place, I needed a new engine they gave me the best price on labour. But also told me the car won’t be worth it so just sell it. I didn’t get to experience their work on the car, because i decided to sell. But they are honest and care about their customers!

Legar Q.

Some of Our Google Reviews

Had an oil change from this location about 5 months ago and will be happy to return soon.
Prompt, courteous and fair. Oil change prices are posted up front on their website and they stick to them. Nobody tried to upsell and I paid exactly what I expected. Oil and filter were changed professionally, no leaks or problems since the service.

Also the service was done by a female mechanic, happy to see that it is a fair business.

Update: Another reliable oil change! I’ll be coming back for my brakes soon.

Joseph G

These guys are outstanding! I had never been here before and my radiator started overheating on a Friday, just before I had a big trip to make for the weekend.

They got me in and all fixed up within hours. The staff is very friendly as well, they have my business moving forward.

Claudine G.

On the recommendation of a friend, I took my car in to Imperial with a list of adjustments and tune up’s given to me by another repair shop. The owner told me exactly what I needed or didn’t need and found better prices for me on almost every part on the list. The estimate they gave for the work was fair and reasonable and the staff were friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going back.

Jill F.

I have now gone to Imperial Street Auto Repair and Detailing twice in about 3 weeks. First time I had my front brakes done and an oil change. It was a lot cheaper than I expected and a lot faster.

Today I had my rear shocks replaced and my rear brakes adjusted (the adjustment was free!); Dave’s price was $250 less than the CDN Tire quote of $850 for the two shocks; and they did it almost two hours faster than the estimate.

I think they’re great and will heartily recommend them to anyone!

Steve F.