Used Car Inspection Burnaby

Purchasing a used car can be a big investment and a VERY risky one. Some sellers may hid information and others might not even know about existing problems in their vehicle. We highly encourage getting a pre-purchase inspection on any used car you are thinking of buying, whether it be with us or any other reputable auto repair shop – this can potentially save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on auto repair bills in the future.

At Imperial Street Auto Repair, located in Burnaby, we offer an affordable and thorough used car inspection service. Priced at $95, we ensure that the peace of mind and security that comes with our hour-long used car inspection is worth every penny.

Steps to take when purchasing a used vehicle (as recommended by ICBC):

  • Do a lien search – if the previous owner has an outstanding debt on the vehicle, the vehicle can be taken as payment. If you purchase a vehicle that has a lien placed on it, the car may be repossessed from you!
  • Do a vehicle claim history report – this will give you detailed information on any damage claims filed through ICBC
  • Search the Canadian Police Information Centre – This database will show any cars that have been reported as stolen
  • Have the car inspected by a professional mechanic
  • If the car has been in a crash, visit an auto body shop to see if the car is structurally safe

Tips for inspecting a car on your own:

  • Check that all electrical components are working (heat, a/c, stereo, power controls, lights, etc.)
  • Look at the tires to see if there is any uneven wear or balding
  • Check the trunk for spare tire and jack
  • Check under the vehicle for any rust
  • Check the body for dents, scratches, rust, paint chips, and any other abnormalities
  • Check the interior of the car for any stains, tears, or damage to the upholstery
  • Check under the hood for any rust or visible damage
  • Test drive the car
  • Make sure none of the service lights turn on when you start the car
  • Make sure the car drives in a straight line on flat surfaces
  • Check that the brakes are responsive

If you’re looking to purchase a new car and want the peace of mind that comes with a pre-purchase inspection, look no further than Imperial Street Auto Repair in Burnaby. We will take care of all the steps mentioned above and many more. Stop by today or contact us to book an appointment.

What Our Customers Say

I've gotten to know Elizabeth at reception and the owner Dave a little bit. They've treated me with a lot of respect and patience in my needs with my vehicle.

So far I made an appointment to add a new exhaust manifold to my vehicle as well as investigate why my engine light has been on recently and quickly addressed and resolve my issues with professionalism.

Jesse N.

(reviewed on Yelp)

Was in today as I needed an oil change and was in the area. Great price for an oil change, but not only that, great service.

I was certain I needed a brake job as well, as my brakes had been squeaking. Dave had a tech look at my car and advised me there was still over 30% left on my pads. He also educated me as to why they may have been squeaking prior to needing new pads. I was prepared to pay for a brake job and he was honest with me. I thank Dave and his staff for the honest opinion and great prices. Thanks!

Lexy M.

(reviewed on Yelp)

Went there unannounced for an oil change. They took me in right away, no appointment required. Guy at the counter was super nice. It was done in about 25 min. Total cost was $30. Nothing bad to report at all. Free wifi. Can't complain. Will be back there for an oil change for my other car.

Duran C.

(reviewed on Yelp)

I think this is a good place, I needed a new engine they gave me the best price on labour. But also told me the car won't be worth it so just sell it. I didn't get to experience their work on the car, because i decided to sell. But they are honest and care about their customers!

Legar Q.

(reviewed on Yelp)