Tires & Tire Repair Burnaby

If you live in the Greater Vancouver Regional District, you're no stranger to construction. Construction, can lead to nails on the streets. Nails on the streets, can lead to nails in your tires.

Whether you are looking for a small patch job, a new set of tires, or a set of winter tires, we've got you covered. We'll do the job fast and at a highly competitive rate.

Think you picked up a nail or looking to get a new set of tires? Stop by Imperial Street Auto Repair in Burnaby today or contact us for more information. Please note that we do not sell used tires.

What our customers say

Went there unannounced for an oil change. They took me in right away, no appointment required. Guy at the counter was super nice. It was done in about 25 min. Total cost was $30. Nothing bad to report at all. Free wifi. Can't complain. Will be back there for an oil change for my other car.

Duran C. (reviewed on Yelp)

Was in today as I needed an oil change and was in the area.  Great price for an oil change, but not only that, great service.

I was certain I needed a brake job as well, as my brakes had been squeaking.  Dave had a tech look at my car and advised me there was still over 30% left on my pads.  He also educated me as to why they may have been squeaking prior to needing new pads.  I was prepared to pay for a brake job and he was honest with me.  I thank Dave and his staff for the honest opinion and great prices.  Thanks!

Lexy M. (reviewed on Yelp)

My car was in need of an oil change and I saw this place one evening on my way to a friend's.  Took it in the next day, no appointments need which was good for me because I don't like to make appointments for stuff like that otherwise I'd look for groupon stuff for this kind of thing.  Wasn't too long before they got my car in and started the oil change, all bays were full when I got there.  The oil change was quick enough but one thing they did for me, which I wasn't expecting, was to take care of an issue that I had was that my door would groan every time I get in and out of my car that I got from an accident from an idiot who changed into my lane without checking his blind spot or even signalling.  But that's another story. At least I'm not gritting my teeth anymore every time I get in an out of my car.

These are good people, and they'll take care of you.  Definatly a recommend.

Edward M. (reviewed on Yelp)

COVID19 Update: To support the health & safety of our customers, we are offering free pick-up & drop-off services for jobs over $150. Call 604-434-1120 to learn more or book your appointment.