Cooling System Maintenance & Repair Burnaby

Your car’s cooling system is designed to cool down your vehicle in order to prevent overheating and your engine block from warping or cracking as a result of heat. Your radiator works off of a mixture of two fluids – water and antifreeze

Over time, rust, sediment, and debris will naturally build up in your radiator and will reduce its overall effectiveness. Such build-up could lead to your engine overheating and a big hole in your pocket. It is highly recommended that you perform a coolant flush in the intervals suggested by your vehicle’s service manual to replenish your fluids and remove unwanted debris.

Engine Cooling System Maintenance and Repair Services we offer:

  • Coolant pressure tests and diagnostics
  • Water pump replacement
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Radiator replacement
  • Coolant Flush

Benefits of a coolant flush include:

  • Prevention of rust and corrosion in your vehicle’s radiator, engine, heater, core, and water line
  • Increased vehicle performance and power
  • Protection of water pump and heater core (the source of your car’s heat)
  • Reduced likelihood of blowing a gasket in your engine block
  • Prevention of winter freeze ups

Symptoms of Cooling System Problems

  • Engine overheating while moving
    • Failed Thermostat
    • Clogged Radiator
    • Faulty cooling system pressure cap
    • Low coolant caused by leak
    • Worn water pump
  • Engine overheating when vehicle is not moving
    • Airflow problem
    • Faulty radiator cooling fan
    • Blown head gasket or crack inside enginep
Is your car over heating? Have you forgotten when the last time was that you flushed your coolant? Does your owner manual suggest it’s time for a check-up on your cooling system? Stop by Imperial Street Auto Repair in Burnaby today and our trusty or contact us for more information.

What Our Customers Say

I've gotten to know Elizabeth at reception and the owner Dave a little bit. They've treated me with a lot of respect and patience in my needs with my vehicle.

So far I made an appointment to add a new exhaust manifold to my vehicle as well as investigate why my engine light has been on recently and quickly addressed and resolve my issues with professionalism.

Jesse N.

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Was in today as I needed an oil change and was in the area. Great price for an oil change, but not only that, great service.

I was certain I needed a brake job as well, as my brakes had been squeaking. Dave had a tech look at my car and advised me there was still over 30% left on my pads. He also educated me as to why they may have been squeaking prior to needing new pads. I was prepared to pay for a brake job and he was honest with me. I thank Dave and his staff for the honest opinion and great prices. Thanks!

Lexy M.

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Went there unannounced for an oil change. They took me in right away, no appointment required. Guy at the counter was super nice. It was done in about 25 min. Total cost was $30. Nothing bad to report at all. Free wifi. Can't complain. Will be back there for an oil change for my other car.

Duran C.

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I think this is a good place, I needed a new engine they gave me the best price on labour. But also told me the car won't be worth it so just sell it. I didn't get to experience their work on the car, because i decided to sell. But they are honest and care about their customers!

Legar Q.

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