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3 Cheap car odour removal solutions

You may have gotten used to it but your friends aren't shy about pointing out that rotten odour in your car every time they hop in for a ride. Stinky clothes can be thrown in the wash, unfortunately, getting rid of car odour isn't quite as simple. In order to stop the...

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Canada Day Long Weekend Road Trip Checklist

Happy Canada Day! Planning a road trip during the Canada Day long weekend? Make sure to go through this checklist to prepare yourself for a safe and easy ride. Pick up a map - no one likes getting lost, use a GPS device and/or map to ensure no time is wasted on your...

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Spring & Summer Car Maintenance Tips: Air Filter

Air Filters clean outside air before it enters our vehicles engines to prevent damage and accelerated engine wear caused by contaminants in the air. After a certain period of time, the particles that the air filter block clean air from entering your engine, clog your...

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Dryer Sheet Uses for your Car

Dryer sheets are primarily used to keep static off your clothes and keep them fresh. However, there are many ways to re-purpose dryer sheets that don't involve your clothes. There are several tricks that can be applied as cheap, effective ways to maintain the interior...

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