Automotive Maintenance Tips

February 10, 2017
5 ways to save money on your car and go green!

Did you know that you can save money, increase the health of your vehicle, and lower your carbon footprint with just a few easy steps? Imperial Street Auto Repair in Burnaby has prepared some helpful tips for you:

Ensure your tires are properly inflated

  • Improperly inflated tires can cause unnecessary wear on your tires and increase your fuel consumption by up to 10%

Replace your engine’s air filter

  • Most mechanic shops will check your air filter when they perform an oil change on your vehicle. A clean air filter will increase your fuel efficiency by up to 10%, reduce emissions, and prolong your engine’s life by blocking out damaging dirt and debris. It’s also a very inexpensive fix.

Lighten your load

  • Do you carry unnecessary weight in your car? Additional weight will require your vehicle to work harder and burn more fuel.

Slow Down! 

  • Your lead foot could be emptying your pockets a lot quicker than you think. Rapid acceleration, aggressive braking, and speeding can all contribute to reducing your fuel efficiency by up to 30%! You will likely experience wear and damage to other parts of your vehicle as well.

Reduce the use of Air Conditioning 

  • Driving with your air conditioning on can reduce fuel efficiency by 5 to 10%. It is recommended to roll your windows down when you are driving under speeds of 70KM per hour. However, when you are driving over 70KM per hour,  it is better to turn that a/c on and roll up your windows. The drag effect from the wind can reduce your fuel efficiency when you are driving at higher speeds.

We hope you found these tips helpful. What will you spend with all the money you will save this Spring?


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