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October 03, 2015
Fog Driving Tips in Vancouver

The fog that has been engulfing our city over the past few weeks provides a mysterious backdrop for your Instagram photos but creates some very unsafe driving conditions. Here are a few tips to keep pedestrians, other drivers and yourself safe during these hazy times:

Keep your distance

This rule applies rain or shine but holds especially true in the fog. Keep, at least, three seconds of distance between you and the car in front of you. If the fog is too dense, your safest bet is to pull over until it clears up a bit or try taking an alternate route.

Turn your lights on

Your tail lights and brake lights will help other drivers be aware of your presence. Hopefully, they too will follow the first tip and keep a safe distance based on being able to see your lights. If you fear you may be a hazard to other drivers based on your inability to see clearly, turn your hazard lights on. Also, NEVER use your high beams in the fog. It will actually make your visibility worse, by reflecting light off the fog.

Roll your windows down

Your vision may be impaired, but that doesn’t mean your other senses can’t be of use. Unfortunately, your sense of smell won’t do you much but your sense of hearing can go long ways. Rolling your window down allows you to possibly hear the car that’s 20 feet in front you that you may not be able to see. So turn down the radio, crank up the heat and roll down your windows.

Easy on the gas and brakes

Leave the lead foot at home. If you’re driving the speed limit as if it’s a clear day, you need to get off the road immediately. You are endangering yourself and others. Conversely, avoid slamming the brakes. Just because you’re keeping your distance, doesn’t mean others are. Slamming your brakes will increase the likelihood of getting rear-ended. Just slow your speed down, keep enough distance from the cars in front of you and you will have no reason to slam the brakes.

We hope you found these tips helpful. If ever you have any driving tip questions or auto repair related questions, contact the good folks at Imperial Street Auto Repair & Detailing in Burnaby at 604-434-1120. We offer friendly, affordable and reliable auto repair and detailing services. Also, make sure to visit our services page and deals page to learn more about what we have to offer and our current promotions.


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