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April 03, 2017
How to know When to Change Your Tires

With the fall months fast approaching, it is very important to ensure your tires are in good shape for the rainy weather to come.  This is especially important considering we’re in Metro Vancouver, the city of rain!

Tires are critical to the safety and performance of your vehicle and others around you. Like any part on your vehicle, tires do get worn out with time. Over time, tire wear will affect your vehicle’s traction and braking abilities. Below you will find 5 tips that will help you decide when it’s time to get yourself a new set of tires for your car.

  1. Tire tread is what keeps water from making direct contact with your tires and keeps you from hydroplaning on wet pavement. Tires are no longer safe once the tread is worn down to 1/16th of an inch (1.6mm)
  2. Check out your tires’ tread patterns. All tires have tread wear bars – these horizontal bars can be found in between the tread of the tires. As your tires wear, the tread wear bars will become level with the tread of the tire. This is another indicator that you need to purchase new tires.
  3. Use a tread depth gauge. Thread gauges can be purchased for cheap at your local auto parts dealer, such WestCan (next door). Pop by Imperial Street Auto Repair if you don’t own one or don’t feel comfortable using one.
  4. Look for irregular tire wear. If you notice that one end of your tire experiences more wear than the other or any other types of irregular tire wear, this could mean that your car requires a wheel alignment service, tire rotation or both. Uneven tire wear will significantly decrease the life of your tires.
  5. Check for bubbles in the sidewalls of your tires. Driving over curbs or potholes can cause severe damage to the internal frame of your tire. If the frame is damaged, it severely increases the risk of sudden tire failure or a blowout at high speeds. Take your vehicle to your local auto mechanic IMMEDIATELY if you notice any air bubbles or bulges on the sidewalls of your tires, regardless of the tread on your tires.

If ever you have any tire or auto repair related questions, contact us at Imperial Street Auto Repair & Detailing in Burnaby at 604-434-1120. We offer friendly, affordable and reliable auto repair and detailing services. Also, make sure to visit our services page and deals page to learn more about what we have to offer and our current promotions.


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